Many Years of Experience in One Clinic

The year 2018 saw the opening of ARTRO clinic in Kaunas. The Clinic specializes in the treatment of joints and has been established with the aim of helping people with joint disorders to regain their mobility. 

The long years of experience accumulated by the doctors of the clinic show that complex treatment may help to avoid or delay surgeries in most of the cases. To that end, doctors resort to both traditional and non-traditional medical practices. The prevailing attitude of the clinic is based on the belief that every patient is unique, and so are the joint problems that individual patients experience. This is why a thorough analysis is carried out before prescribing a set of tailor-made treatment procedures to each and every patient.

The experienced professional staff of ARTRO clinic consults on all trauma and orthopaedic disorders in relation to:

  •  shoulders;
  •  elbows;
  •  wrists and hands;
  •  hips;
  •  knees;
  •  ankles;
  •  spine.

Every patient and time he or she spends at ARTRO clinic is very important. To save patients from the need to visit different professionals in different locations and from wasting time in queues, ARTRO clinic offers all services from consultation to rehabilitation in one place. The clinic operates the most advanced physiotherapy equipment and houses modern rehabilitation facilities.

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